Death Revive

A narrative focused horror puzzle.

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A ghost story set in Japan.

Our goal was to create a simple game with a spooky environment.

Box vs. Spline rigged camera

A side-view camera system that switches between a camera box and a fixed spline for controlling focus. Trigger areas alter the camera distance and the camera box catches up on exit.

Paper Mapping

Paper maps provided a basis for us to communicate ideas before beginning to block out the environment.

Dialogue delivery texts and subtitles

Animation widgets were used to convey the story through phone messages, audio, and subtitles. For ambient & situational dialogue, a text bubble widget translated the audio. Although phone messages and cutscenes were only triggered once, some audio had cooldown timers to direct a potentially lost player.

Level streaming for world composition

Levels were chunked into sublevels so that our team could work on different parts of the world at the same time. These were later stitched together using world building tools to stream load relevant levels.

Aimi Watanabe - Level Design, Scripting, Audio, UI

Ian Miley - Modeling, Concept Art, and Marketing Art

Heng-En Tsao - Environment, Production