A casual and addictive puzzle game for Android.

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For casual puzzlers

Our aim for this game was a simple ruleset that could gradually increase in complexity. The Android platform was ideal for this 3-dimensional puzzle because it could be tapped and turned with a touch interface. We later added special mechanics to keep level progression fresh.






This game was a finalist in the 2020 Rookie Awards for Game of the Year.

Early Wireframes

We prototyped quickly using wireframes made early on in development for navigating user flow.

Live editing tool for material assignment

Writing an in-editor tool helped us reassign materials and prefabs on-the-go. It allowed us to use the built-in logic while the puzzle was being designed, so that we could work backwards from the win-condition to generate levels that we knew were solvable.

Maximizing user experience

Our finishing touch was to minimize the number of lights used in each scene, and opted for emmissive materials instead. This decreased battery consumption and helped us extend battery life, especially while playtesting our game.

Michael Schwedler - Game Design, Levels, Programming

Beiqi Liu - Modeling, VFX

Aimi Watanabe - UI/UX, SFX